Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Seeing both Nettus and I were short of family members for the great Swedish family gathering event, we decided to celebrate Christmas Eve with our Jamaican/American neighbor Jmackie.

Since we were going Swedish this particular night, I had made a Jansson's Frestelse (amongst other things) which turned out so well that I forced Nettus to take a picture of it!

With Nettus being my greatest food critique, I was so happy when she turned out to love it all! Hehe, see what a little touch of cream will do to a pair of otherwise (voluntarily) starving volunteers...

Home-made chocolate ice-cream made of real chocolate and real cream - can a desert get much better (and fatter!) than that?

Then we played The Settlers, which none of us won because our neighbour had to rush off and check the latest gossip at the Goal party. Hey, if you're not updated on who's doing whom in Zinder, you're not a true expat it seems, but then again, I've never made good expat material I must confess. I think I love Niger too much for that! And running off to get drunk would have ruined our cozy Swedish familiar Christmas Eve feeling...

Then it was time to open some presents!

Nettus got this piece of African leather art (for more Nigerien leather articles, check out Livswerk in Sweden) which is one of her favourite items in Niger-

...and I got (amongst other things) this beautiful little Swedish candle heart from my parents in Sweden which now sits on our coffee table. Miss u so much, guys!!!

So- Christmas wasn't the same without family, but it was nice nevertheless!



karin andersson said...

Du har blivit så lik Miriam i din nya frisyr. Och nya vikt! Vad smal du e! Jag har också spelat Settlers i julhelgen. Vann hela tiden över familjen, men förlorar hela tiden mot Andreas nu när jag e tillbaka i Götet. :(

Ishtar said...

Haha! Nettan föll inte för Settlers i samma utsträkning som jag, så vi har spelat Carcassone under julen istället. Det är ju lite mer pusslande! Fast jag väntar på att hon ska börja slå mig. Då gör hon det nog med hästlängder också!