Saturday, December 29, 2007


We had planned this weekend to take Haruna to the race track, but when Saturday arrived, the races had been moved to Dogo. Seeing we were up for a little adventure, we decided to hit the roads (and what bad roads it was!) and go to Dogo and show Haruna some of the typical Nigerien weekend action.

Dogo was no disappointment, with a number of people and horses all looking their very, very best!

Ishtar immediately found herself a little black beauty. Unfortunately, he won't remain black for long since he has white hairs coming up from underneath. What a pity grey is such a dominant colour!

The Dogo track was a charming bush variation of a racetrack, compared to the one in Zinder (which in turn is nothing compared to the one in the capital Niamey).

I liked the "tribune", but I didn't use it!

Contemplations in Dogo by Nettus

The visiting party

The photographer herself (this picture was actually taken by me!)

And for those of you wondering how the races went, well, let me just inform you that the best horse won!


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