Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fabrics from the market

Today, we went to the market and came back with a whole lot of different fabrics. You'd be amazed at how fast you wear clothes out (you wash them more often here due to the dust and the heat) and Nettus was starting to run out of clothes. Hence, she needed a new wardrobe, and where better to go look for one than at our very own Zinder market? Of course I was not a bad friend, so in true Nigerien spirit, I tagged along and did some co-shopping with her! Here is what we found:

A beautiful colorful African tissue which will make a superb Ishtar skirt or dress one day. Our neighbor liked it so much that when she saw it, she went straight to the market the following day and bought the same tissue before it disappeared.

This was a red bazain that both Nettus and I fell in love with. Still haven't decided what I'm going to do with my share, but I'm pretty sure it will end up as a top.

A new fabric I hadn't seen before: of course I couldn't let this pass me by! Nettus bought the same tissue in a different colour (brown). Once again, I am not exactly sure what I will make out of it, but that's part of the charm isn't it? You find some fabric, buy it, save it (for years sometimes!), only to bring it out for the perfect occasion! Haha, when I listen to myself, I can see just how much I am my mother's daughter at times... :-)

Another bazain with a different pattern. It really wasn't expensive, and the vendor is one of my favourites because he always gives us good prices. No nasara price discussions needed here!

Nettus found her equivalent before I did - but she chose a colder color.

This cool lime green fabric will make Nettus next pants! Will have to post a picture when the tailor is finished making them. Which reminds me that we have to call him and ask him to take her measurements (so he can get started!).

And finally, Nettus found another beautiful deep blue bazain but I don't think she has decided yet on what she is going to make of it. We'll just have to wait and see!

Stay tuned for more fabric shopping at the great market of Zinder!



karin andersson said...

Vilka jättevacka tyger! Se till att ta med dina fina nya klänningar hem till Sverige, för man vet aldrig vilka festligheter folk ställer till med.


Ishtar said...

Nej, särskilt inte sådana som Karin the Best! :-) Fast ok, Andreas är lugn. Honom kan man lita på. Säg till honom att förvarna mig ifall det är något jag måste vara förberedd på!!!

O. said...

Hi Ishtar! I'm popping in for visits here once in a while and you truly have such an amazing array of pictures and stories to tell! Such a different life there in Niger, away from the hi-tech civilization! Love your blog!
Oh, yes, and the fabrics look very cook, the colors are so lively! Looking forward to seeing the finished products from those! :)
Greetings from Canada!