Friday, November 24, 2006


The day after Sofia's arrival, I got an aggressive infection in my left leg, causing me to limp and take things slow. It was the second infection in a row (in closed wounds), which quickly spread to a third, and when that happened, I knew I was in serious trouble, my immune system being down to nothing. Probably due to lack of sleep, a lot of worry and too much stress. On top of things, I also got a virus which got a good grip of my head and neck muscles and lasted for about three days. I am now - finally!!! - doing better, although I still have yet to go out riding again and it has actually been nearly a week and a half! Anyway, just wanted you to know that I will start posting again very soon. Stay tuned, because we had a fun weekend, going to the sultan's palace, the race track, the market and then back to the race track again... And now I don't only have one camera woman with me, but two! So we cover even more angles now than we did before! :-)

During Sofia's first week in Niger, I was a pretty weak hostess and so Anette had to stand in for me... Baloo here tried to cheer me up as I helped the girls out on a ride, but at least Sofia did not have an eventless week!!


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Karin Andersson said...

Hej Esther!
Tråkigt att höra att du varit sjuk, men roligt att höra att du börjar tillfriskna! Ta hand om dig, vännen!!

Kram Karin