Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hunting cloth at the market

We started the day with breakfast, and then head out to the market to see what tissue we would find. Sofia had already aquainted herself with Ringo (the tailor), but the cloth she used was part of my little hamstering collection (a trait I have inherited from my mother!). Because you never know when to find nice tissues at the market, I always buy the ones I like. I might not be using them for a long time, but when the time comes - or for instance, you get a visitor who wants Ringo to make her some African-inspired clothes, they always come in handy...

We did find quite a lot, and both Anette and Sofia appreciated the prices (between €1 and €4 per yard, depending on the quality). It did take some time though as we had to look through all the piles! Anette cannot understand how I can spot anything at all in these piles of tissue, but you just need to concentrate on one little piece at a time. Which was impossible after my concussion in January...

Now, this was probably Anette's last visit to the market during this particular journey (she only has ten days left) but if you ask her, it won't be the last!


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