Friday, November 03, 2006

An afternoon with Chinada

Since Anette had muscle ache today (apart from that, her riding yesterday went very well - she even galopped!), I went out riding with Chinada this afternoon. I had already made up my mind to ride out far today, but since I was with a jockey, I got the furthest I have ever made in during my riding trips in Zinder. There are some beautiful places you can only reach with a four-wheel drive or by horseback in this country, and then you already know by now that I prefer horseback... Arwen was in great shape and so was Sahara, but the latter was under strict orders not to be turned into another racing mare, so that Anette and other people will actually dare to go out with me... Anyway, we galopped for half an hour before I remembered that I actually had a camera on my mobile phone!

A green Zinder is a rare sight for me, as I'm usually in Sweden during this time!

Chinada on Sahara, standing in the of a seasonal lake (tapki)

The sunset over the takpi lake...

Anette however took an ever more beautiful picture of the sunset during her walk in the fields...


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