Friday, November 03, 2006


Just one week after schedule, Sahara finally arrived! I ordered her as soon as I met Ali after arriving, but acquiring a mare in Zinder nowadays is a bit more difficult than it was before Arwen made her debut… At first, she was due on Thursday last week and Ali knew exactly what horse he wanted. He and the owner settled on a price, €5 more than I paid for Arwen, but when the mare was being taken to me in Zinder, a buyer from Nigeria set his eyes on her and offered the owner €150 more… Hence Ali came back empty-handed. His second search landed him many km east of Zinder, in the area of Gouré. His first choice proved too expensive for her age – she must have been around seven which is considered “old” in this country. Since I had asked for a mare between 3-4 years of age, he chose the one who finally arrived today.

She was not exactly what I had expected, but I after having ridden her today, I can see her potential. She’s young (just two and a half), thin and slightly underdeveloped, which makes her just blend in with all the rest of this country… J People find her beautiful though – even Anette has taken a liking to her.

Skeptical as always, I was not convinced until I had ridden her and only then did she impress me. I don’t care for all the “gudu” (speed) or potential in the world if the horse cannot be trusted to 100%, but Sahara, as she’s to be called, followed all my directions without hesitation. So I paid the remaining sum and have added her to my collection, which should end here with two mares…

As for her and Arwen, the great ”horse battle” that I had anticipated did not take place. Arwen put on quite a show when we were out and Sahara avoided all eye contact, giving us the impression that she was of a weaker nature. However, in contrast to Arwen (who is spoiled rotten when it comes to food), Sahara was thoroughly hungry and this made her the boss over Arwen’s left-overs.
It will be interesting to see what happens when they move into the new ”horse garden” which is being build as we speak. I don’t thing it will take that many days before it’s set up, because most of the work has already been done (thanks to my dad).

Now I’m off to have an evening ride with Anette, who is looking forward to her first galloping session today!


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