Monday, November 13, 2006

Maidougou settles the issue about Arwen's baby

Today, Maidougou the vet came over. I knew from Elisabeth that he was back in town (he has been doing his doctorate in Benin the last couple of years, only coming back to Zinder during the holidays) and I was anxious to see him, as he is one of the few people in Niger whose professional opinion I trust whole-heartedly. He had a good look at Arwen, pressed and checked just about everywhere and concluded (to my joy and dismay) that she is indeed pregnant.

The good news: if all goes well, she will have a foal! The bad news: I now know for certain and shouldn't let her train that hard. I talked about it for a while, and said that if Arwen isn't allowed to run, she goes berserk. He said she would have about another two weeks before the baby would position itself in such a manner that she would be uncomfortable moving around. Oh well, it feels good to have Maidougou back in town, because now at least I have someone to confer with. And keeping Arwen still is not easy! Anyway, I'm just happy there is a baby after all and that all the elhadjs who have claimed there is none will be proven wrong. Unfortunately, there will be no racing on Arwen's part on the 18th of December when the president arrives, but that's ok. At least there's nothing wrong with my mare!

That said, I'm off to have a dip in the pool together with Anette and half an hour of sunshine. Hey by the way, I forgot to tell you but Anette actually galloped for the first time yesterday! And what did she have to say about it...? Find out when she posts her answer on (nettus)


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