Saturday, January 26, 2008

Souna part II

In the afternoon, we went back the souna, which was then in full swing.

Hampsatu and her baby daughter Sherifa

Some of the other women in the room

Some of the people outside

Nettus and Ishtar eating à la Nigerienne - although I must admit, I totally lack the skill of eating with my hands! My colleague finds this hilarious, since he knows I can eat with "sticks" (he has seen me at a Chinese restaurant) and logically, eating with your hand should be a lot easier. But it all comes down to habit, and I am untrained in the art of getting food correctly in my mouth using only my hands - without looking like a slob! The good news is that we were commended for our efforts and did not offend anyone!



photogchic said...

Lots of posts...I need to catch always to food looks delicious and the people are so vibrant. Fabulous country.

O. said...

I love the colors of everyone's outfits! Gorgeous! No grey boring clothes :)

Ishtar said...

No, no boring clothes here! Will try to post some more pictures on the outfits that Nettus and I have had made. The tissue market is a real playground with endless possibilities!