Saturday, January 26, 2008

Souna - part I

Today was the souna of our colleague's newborn daughter. It is custom to have the naming ceremony up to seven days after birth, when the child and mother are presented to all friends and (extended) family. It is the day when everyone gets to know the name of the child, which in this case was Sherifa.

Nettus and I on the bed together with one of Sherifa's brothers and her mother.

Outside in the courtyard, friends and family (only the women, of course!) where helping out with the upcoming dinner - a meal of meat that everyone was looking forward to!

Photos of the women

We stayed for an hour and then went home for a "break", promising to be back later on... On our way home, we stopped at Ladi's and took some pictures with her and her younger brother Abdul-something (sorry, I keep forgetting!) and sister Aïchatu. Aïchatu is the funniest little rascal you can find (worldwide) - both Nettus and I adore her. She always always makes us laugh!


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Martha said...

Beautiful post. The landscape seems so barren but the people are so colorful it is a wonderful contrast.