Sunday, January 06, 2008

A change of character

The funny thing about Sahara is that despite her 3,5 years of age and her 1 year long stay with us, she has never once demonstrated any signs of being on heat. So when the day finally arrived when she had a sudden change of character (all of a sudden getting very insecure and sensitive, which is a far cry from her ordinary over self-confident self), I thought it was time to bring in a teaser and see how she reacted.

The male was a nameless white-reddish young stallion with a very going temperament, and to start with, they seemed to hit it off fine (which wasn't to be expected, seeing Sahara has always been into dominating every horse on the planet!).

Things were going just great, until the male (who was probably a bit inexperience himself) got over-eager and jumped up on her back, which she wasn't quite yet ready for. So love ended there this time, but I'll let you know how things progress!


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photogchic said...

Wasn't the right guy for Sahara...she has high standards;-) great photos Ishtar.