Saturday, January 19, 2008

The first considerable race of the season

So, a new year and a new season. I have to remind myself of the "cut", since I see a year as the full extent of time that I am in Africa! For me, the new year will be after I have gone back to Sweden and then get to come back to Africa again.

Anyway, this weekend showed some interesting races at the track, so Nettus & I sent the mares with Ali and took the bikes ourselves, meeting with all the "who's whos" of the Zinderien horse community. Arwen poor thing had to stay home recuperating from a fall we had (which left her with an injured muscle).

The place was crowded and so security was up.

Everywhere, you could see people preparing their horses for the races.

The discipline amongst the stallions today was impressionable! Nettus got to take some fab pictures!

And they were off!

When they were done with the first race, Yaronbaba took the Ishtar girls out for a ride. Sahara taking the task dead seriously and Maya the young one tagging along. She did run though! And jump... And play... They had fun, and so did we!

Nettus, Maya and our friend aka the Snow Man

Nettus with her favourite horse's younger sister

Ishtar & Maya

Maya trying to communicate that she would like to have her fair share of phone conversation, especially when the call is from Sweden!

The heated debate about what horse is going to win the race!

The winner in person - Aldo the Menace (brown horse to the right). If Nettus and I get things the way we want, Aldo will be siring Sahara's foal, but in order for him to do that, she must first express a specific interest him in... But that'll be another story!

This was all from the race track, for this time. Will be back, though!



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