Saturday, October 14, 2006

What a luxury!

I woke up this morning after ten hours of sleep and the whole thing (that is, going to Niger in a few days) seemed so unreal... My body really wants to get into that final departure-mode when there's nothing left to do but waste the final hours away, but hey, that would be suicide right now because we're Saturday today and we're not leaving until Wednesday morning...

Anyway, every good day is something to be thankful for, and today seems to be one of those... They asked me yesterday if I wanted to work today (from 9am to 9pm, so it's not as if there would have been time for anything else!), but I actually said no and I'm really happy about that (although I never enjoy missing an opportunity, even if it would have been nothing more than an opportunity to make more money...). A whole day by myself seems like such a luxury! A whole day to do things without any stress! Ah... no wonder this is going to be a good day!

Sei Anjima! (= until we meet again)


Falkenberg, Sweden 2006

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