Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ramadan celebrations in Zinder

This year, the Ramadan celebrations went by very quietly, due the region being split in three different groups, each choosing a different day of celebrations. On the first day however, the sultan went out as usual, and in the afternoon, there was some celebrations involving bulls outside his palace. So Nettus and I went there to see, and saw a LOT of people in a very cheerfully mood!

We sat on the rooftop and watched all the people go by.

It was quite impressive - and enjoyable!

And by the way; when in Niger: Never forget to socialize!



photogchic said...

Do you get claustrophobic in those large crowds? So many people....Is shaking hands a pretty standard greeting in Niger?

Ishtar said...

I get claustrophobic when crowds start pushing around and you know there's probably a pocket thief somewhere (but you just don't know where)... I'd say that slapping hands is a standard Nigerien thing, but yes, shaking hands (or clapping your own hands, if the person you're meeting is male) is a common greeting. Now particularly an old African tradition, but it's there now...