Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The week, Arwen and Sahara have been enjoying the regular company of their new jockey, Yaronbaba. Since Arwen's belly is heavy, he has been taking her out for walks and Sahara has been taken out for rides in the bush (although their pace would hardly be my description of a good outing, but then again, horses are pities when they "have to" work, even when they ask for it themselves...).

As Sofia is leaving soon, we went out to greet him and brought Tabita with us. Tabita loves the horses and this puzzled Yaronbaba, who had probably never seen a girl so young be so fond of such great animals (in general, women in Niger do not ride).

Tabita: "Iiiiiihiiiii!"
Me: "Yes, Tabita, that is a horse! And yes, her name is Arwen!"

Me: "Now that, Tabita, is a DOG."
Tabita: "Ayayayay!"

Me: "Now as you're too small to ride a horse, maybe Baloo will let you ride on his back."
Tabita: "Mmmmm!"

Me: "See? There you go! But let's not get any dog hairs on your nice outfit..."


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