Friday, January 12, 2007

Arwen & Ra'ama

I recently discovered that I actually had in my possession a picture of Arwen's foal's father; a racing stallion by the name of Ra'ama. I agreed to him because he had the right color (brown) and a nice personality, but I didn't honestly know anything of his achievements, apart from his owner unconvincingly telling me that he was a very good race horse (but aren't they all?). Now it turns out that I have proof of his victory of the 1600m at the Tabaski feast last year, so I will say no more about this foal's linage. It's good. Now Arwen didn't exactly fall in love with him, but he is the sire of her foal, which will most certainly be - should it ever choose to come out of her belly- brown. Question is, will it have one white sock like its mother or three like its father...=

On January the 15th, Arwen will have been expecting for exactly a year. I hear the record is something like 380 days and hope I will not have to wait that much longer (the normal period of gestation is 340 days, which was three weeks ago), because I have just about as much patience on this issue as Arwen... Although she doesn't seem to care whether the foal comes out or not, as long as she gets to race...


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