Sunday, November 18, 2007

Making friends at the race track

Yesterday afternoon when Nettus and I passed by the track to take our girls for a round, we discovered that this weekend held an ambitious program at the Zinder track and that there were quite a few important guests there. On Saturday, we met with the governor of a large Nigerian state, and on Sunday, our friend the Snowman presented us to the owner of a very nice sire that I've been interested it.

It turned out that the owner and his brothers were very, very nice people and we quickly found a lot of things to talk about.

I didn't think much about what place I had been seated at, but all of a sudden a race administrator came by and placed the second prize in my hands.

The races were off and the winner set a good time.

And so Nettus got to hand out third prize to a guest jockey (dressed in black and red t-shirt)...

while I had to hand over second prize to my former jockey Chinada, lol!

Then it was time for the big buckle!

YB didn't win a prize, but he got to take Arwen on a flashing round with her brand new Zilco saddle! :-) Now that horse never stops enjoying a good run.

It was a fun day with good laughs and appreciative company! We came home pretty late and pretty beat, but that's the charm of it!



photogchic said...

Hanging with the movers and shakers of Niger with a front row seat! Wow what beautiful photos, must have been an amazing thing to watch. It is hard to tell by the photo--do they race in a straight line or around a track?

childwoman said...

woow..looks like you had a good day.. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, hanging out with the important people. Way to go!